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Façade blinds are distinguished by spectacular appearance. They were create thanks to use of materials of high quality and interesting aesthetic solutions. Characteristic shape of strips makes the whole looking striking. The product does not interfere in the façade’s look. At the same time, it does not have any influence on the decor. Constructions and slats are available in different colour variants. Durability of façade blinds is another asset. Surface of slats is covered with special layer which limits harmful effects of weather conditions.

Z-90 type

Thanks to an unique shape of the slats, the Z90 blinds may be almost completely closed, which is not possible in case of traditional shape.
Smooth slats tilt angle control gives a possibility of easy light intensity adjustment, depending on individual needs and thus improving comfort of using the rooms.

C-80 type

C80 blind is the most popular solution among all façade blinds. Each slat has rolled up edges, which give it increased rigidity.