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Balance of light and its quality, significantly influences on comfort in each living area. Insulation double-glazed windows are meant for residential and non-residential buildings. They provide comfort daylight thanks to excellent light transmission (LT = 80%), low light reflectance value (LR=12%) and neutral colour. Thanks to high transfer of solar energy (SF = 63%) and good thermal insulation (Ug = 1,1 W/(m²K)), may minimize costs of operating the building and save energy. One-chamber thermally insulating glass consisting of two glasses 4 mm thick with a spacer 16 mm thick between them. Space between the glasses is filled with mixture of argon and air.
Two-chamber insulating glazing unit made of three glass panels, where external panels are made of highly-efficient low-carbon glass. It allows to reach the highest level of thermal insulation (with low parametres Ug=0,7–0,5 W/(m2.k)), consequently to lower energy consumption significantly. Two-chamber glazing units are used in the buildings characterized by minimum energy consumption (e.g. passive houses).


  • Appearance: neutral, low level of reflection of visible light.
  • Extremely favourable value of Ug coefficient. More than doubled insulating capacity compared to traditional one-chamber insulating glass units.
  • Noticeable advantages with the use of solar warmth