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Cassette roller blinds
Cassette roller blinds in PRESTIGE runners are made of PVC. These are the blinds which are the most desired on the market. Small and delicate cassette is an elegant window accessory, whereas the self-locking mechanism allows convenient blind control. Thanks to the runners, the blind mask any clearings tightly, and the cassette protects the material against getting dirty. Aesthetic appearance and perfect finish, wonderfully harmonize with windows, thus they are both protective and decorative.

Pleats are very interesting to decorate a window, which gives a lot of possibilities. It is a system made of material resembling concertinaed material, thus it is a very original screen. With two movable beams, we may move the pleat in both directions: up - down. The biggest advantage of the pleats is a possibility of curtaining any part of the window (e.g. we open the top, while the bottom is still curtained, we curtain the top, centre, 1/3, 2./3 of the window etc.) One operates the pleats with functional handles. Two beams joining the material, are very delicate and do not single out from the window.

Day and Night Blinds
Day and night blinds are a special kind of decorative blinds, made of material in horizontal translucent strips. This unique material allows to light coming in control in a very simple and quick method, giving many possibilities of darkening levels. Depending on a type and colour of the material, one may create many unique climates in a room, with only one system. The blinds are a novelty on the market and are characterized by high quality of performance, as well as simplicity of use.