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Our shutters are perfect for insulating your home and keeping heat in and a barrier to any unwanted visitors, and after partial lowering they insulate your rooms from excessive sunshine and heating. The top mounted shutters can only be installed at a stage of a building construction or replacement of windows in the existing buildings. In this case the shutter box is put on the window or door frame. The guides are fixed to the external part of the window frame and then the entire set is installed inside the window recess. As a result, the shutter box is completely invisible and the shutter seems to be a part of the window. The top mounted shutters, being the most often recommended by manufacturers, keep heat inside a building. Between the shutter curtain and window, there is created an air pad being the perfect insulation layer that is the barrier for both hot and cold air.

TL1000 - is a system which may be used in newly-built or modernized objects. An inspection cover is installed in the bottom of the box - it gives a possibility of building a roller-blind’s box also from the inside of the apartment, so service access to the roller-blind is safe. They may be installed to the windows, whose window frames are not thicker than 95 mm.

Operation is possible both manually with the use of a belt, or electrically with the use of a switch or a remote control.

There are no versions with a mosquito net.

CC1000 – a basic window roller-blinds system. The inspection cover is located in the head of the box. They may be installed to the windows, whose window frames are not thicker than 95 mm.

TP1000K is the system which may be installed on wide window frames, even up to 188 mm (with the extension up to 250 mm). When applying the extending element, we improve the box depth by 31 mm or 62 mm. This system does not have an inspection cover in the bottom (when building up the box from the inside) or in front of (when assembling on a wide window frame) it.

A version with a mosquito net effectively protect against insect coming inside, as well as dust, leaves and contaminations which limit access of air or daylight.