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PVC chamber

  • The core is made of hard PVC that does not turn yellow under UV rays.
  • PVC veneer enables the window sill to be kept clean easily
  • Perfectly match window frame colours (golden oak, mahogany, etc.)
  • The window sills have a chamber cross-section, which results in stiffening of the construction
  • Resistant to moisture like any plastic product




  • Window sills made of MDF boards covered with high quality gloss or matt acrylic varnishes
  • Perfectly harmonise with modern finishing materials
  • Owing to smooth surface, they can be kept clean easily




  • Conglomerate of carefully selected marble chips bonded with special epoxy resins
  • Natural marble aggregate makes them the most appreciated finishing material
  • Absorbs ambient temperature
  • Very durable and easy to keep clean
  • Resistant to UV rays and moisture
  • Wide range of colours in combination with professional machining offers wide variety of solutions and applications to meet most of the architectonic and functional requirements




  • Natural stone that is formed by metamorphic process of carbonate rocks (limestones, dolomites)
  • Belongs to the most appreciated finishing materials
  • Variety of stone colours and structures makes it possible to design interiors according to their application




  • The window sill surface is polished, which ensures very attractive appearance for a long time
  • Stands out with variety of colours and high hardness
  • Absorbs ambient temperature
  • Wear resistant
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use