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Warm fitting is a set of products consisting of expansion tapes, sealing tapes for flow of water vapor and adhesive mass regulation, meant for window joint protection against heat loss.

Expansion tape (3 in 1)
Self-expansion tapes are meant for sealing all kinds of slits and construction elements joints, among others for windows and doors (so-called warm fitting). They are vapor-proof and water-proof, resistant to meteoric water and water penetration. Simultaneously, they enable diffusion of water vapor outside. They perfectly work as thermal and acoustic insulation. They are very flexible, easily adjustable to any unevenness, they fill slits perfectly. They are characterized by improved resistant to UV and ageing. The tapes are made of flexible polyurethane foam, impregnated with polymer. The tapes are super thin and distinguished by a very high level of expansion. Assembly of tapes is independent on weather conditions.

Würth EPDM sealing tapes
Flexible, resistant to weather conditions sealing tapes.

External sealing tape.
Water-proof and letting water vapor in.

  • They insulate against meteoric water
  • Membrane with open pores, allowing to channel water vapor outside, which prevents problems related to condensation of water vapor.

Internal sealing tape.
Water- and vapor-proof.

  • It seals against dampness coming from rooms, prevents damages due to moisture.
  • Very high elasticity provides safe transfer loads related to movement of construction elements.
  • Comfortable assembly thanks to flexibility of the tape.
  • Resistance to weather conditions. Material of high quality provides reliable and safe sealing. Excellent resistance to UV. Safe assembly on uneven surfaces.