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The doors meant for multi-family and single-family housing. Solid construction and very good technical parametres guarantee pleasure of using. The leaf has been equipped with strong multipoint locking systems. The locks have 4 burglary resistance class. In the standard equipment, there are 3 fixed bolts which when closing the doors, come into the socket installed in the door holder, making pushing the leaf impossible. In the offer, there are few kinds of door holders which are covered with the same laminate colour as the door leaves. Various widths of door holder profiles, enable to adjust them to specificity of a building and a mounting hole.

Technical parametres

  • Thickness of a door leaf - 54 mm or 75 mm
  • Door leaf filling - freon-free polyurethane foam
  • A door leaf made in rebated version
  • Material - galvanised sheet steel, covered with wood-like laminate, resistant to weather conditions
  • Door holder made of 1.5 mm laminated steel sheet or optionally aluminium door holder
  • Reinforce adjustable hinges
  • System of dual gaskets which causes, that the door leaves are tightly pressed to the door holder
  • Possibility of shortening the leaf to 130 mm
  • Standard door holder (with no structure) is used for flat door leaf with wooden structure
  • 2 Class burglar resistance (the full leaf), in accordance with the PN-ENV-1627:2006 norm.

Standard equipment

  • a laminated door leaf
  • KMT 10CP, KMT 11CP or KMT 15CP door holder + a threshold of stainless steel
  • Multi-point basic locking + additional locking of 4 class
  • Reinforced adjustable hinges 3 pcs
  • Anti-breaking bolts 3 pcs
  • Locking adjustment